D. Harkness

March 15, 2018


How I Arrived at Hope Haven Transitional Shelter, Inc. - After making some bad choices in my life I lost everything except my life, my job, my car and a few clothes. The day arrived that I finally had no where to turn. I was miserable, my self-esteem was low, and I was depressed and really did not want this to be happening to me. I talked with Pastor Sharon, the owner of Hope Haven after being referred to her by an agency. Guess what, she had no room available for me. Can you imagine how I felt? I talked with her at length and was advised by her to try another local shelter. So, I did that. I did not hear from them that day. That night I slept in my car. Luckily for me and my employer I was off the next day. Finally a call from the other shelter, they advised me all beds may be taken for the day and I would have to wait for another call. They did not sound promising. Feeling very down and not knowing what to do I again called Pastor Sharon and advised her of what the other shelter told me. She told me to come on over and we would talk. Wow, I felt relieved. I arrived, the peace I felt and still feel every time I speak with Pastor Sharon is awesome. The house was so clean and big, nothing like I had imagined it would be, even with a fireplace, cable TV and two refrigerators. How excellent I thought. Strangely, someone was moving out that very day. I felt what an opportunity for me to get myself together.

What Hope Haven Transitional Shelter, Inc. Means to Me - Hope Haven was a place I felt safe at, a place where I could sleep, a place where I had peace, a place I could maintain cleanliness, a place I could eat and cook at, a place I could sit down and read a book, watch TV and/or meditate on music, a place I met many new and dear friends I consider my sisters. It was a place I went to after a long day of work and relaxed. All of these things I took for granted daily before arriving at Hope Haven. None of these things would have been possible without Hope Haven. Becoming homeless is not what I expected, prepared for, planned, adjusted to or wanted to happen in my life. Pastor Sharon loves and sincerely cares about each woman at Hope Haven. It is not her though that is the deciding factor if we are to gain self-sufficiency. Each woman must want it with all of her heart.

The Loneliest feeling in the World.

Being Homeless exhausts a person physically and mentally.  You have that feeling of being lost, lack of value or purpose which  brings more pain and suffering.  It is the loneliest feeling  in the world, like everything is gone, everyone and all you ever knew, You are abandoned and forgotten.  Is there HOPE?

Many suffer today being lonely, feeling unloved and having NO ONE that cares.  WILL YOU CARE?  Pastor S. Spencer

Hope Haven was sent to

 ERASE DESPAIR and replace with CARE!

Sharon Spencer thank you.  Nine years ago this day I was lost confused suffering and alone until I walked in the door of Hope Haven Transitional Shelter.  It was there that my life changed and I was given a chance to make a change.  Thank you for having a safe place for those of us whom had nothing.  I had nothing at that moment because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  My journey to be blessed by wanting a better  life began.  Pastor you seen in me what I could not see in myself and I am ever so grateful.  This is where it all began a home. I will never forget.  May God continue to bless you.  You truly was and still are a God sent in my life.  Much love to you.